Sunday, September 15, 2013

Visiting Camiguin Island is one of my wishlist. It makes me feel excited to go there upon hearing positive feedback from friends and fellow bloggers. My coming to Camiguin was not well planned though. It was an option I considered after missing a flight to Iloilo :D Click here.  

Here's my experience at the beautiful Camiguin Island...

I got so excited with the set itinerary as suggested by Kuya Jojo that I managed to wake up so early; i.e. 4:00 o’clock in the morning. I fixed my bed, bathed and ate some biscuits. Then Kuya Jojo fetched me and apologized for the delay because rain was pouring while he was on his way to fetch me. We then started our whole day tour in Camiguin.

Our first stop was at the White Island, so named because of its white sand, not so-powdery though. This sandbar is situated 2 kilometers across the Agoho Sea with a breathtaking view of Mt. Hibok-Hibok and the old Mt. Vulcan. I paid 440 pesos inclusive of the entrance fee and that of the motor driver. I also rented life jacket and goggles worth Php 100.
Getting ready for the boat ride to the White Island

Gloomy weather at the White Island
The White Island
With the sight of Mt. Vulcan and Mt. Hibok-Hibok
Taking a pose at the White Island
Rain was hitting hard as we approached the white island – a welcoming phenomenon for a great day tour.hehe. Thank God the rain stopped when we reached the island. We hurriedly boarded off the boat and enjoyed the picturesque view of the mountains. 
Getting prepared for snorkelling
I immediately took a plunge in its clear turquoise waters, so inviting for swimming. With the swimming gears, I started snorkelling. I needed to swim away from the sandbar so I could see more of the living creatures beneath the sea. Diverse fishes and corals welcomed me that me made more excited to explore further; until I saw a snake-like fish… I paused for a moment, observed it and with all my might, I started to swim back to the sandbar…hahaha… Kakatakot lang kaya… :D

Still enjoying the great white island, I met a college classmate Aaron Langam and we took photos, shared updates and whereabouts. Thanks Aaron :D Glad to meet you in Camiguin.
With Aaron, a college classmate
I didn’t mind checking the time because it was indeed relaxing staying at the white island. Great that it was my first stop when the sun was not scorchingly hot – a perfect time for swimming, snorkelling and beach bumming.
An exhibit of souvenir items
Souvenir items were attractively displayed at the jump point and I couldn’t help myself buying some.
Another set of souvenir items
Then we took our breakfast in one of the budget restaurants along the highway.
A breathtaking view at Brgy. Naasag :-)
One good thing in Camiguin is the circumferential road for easy and convenient access to the entire island. While we were heading to the walkway station, I requested Kuya Jojo to stop for a while because of the breathtaking view at Brgy. Naasag. I savored the moment breathing fresh air and appreciating the magnificent beauty of the mountain and the sea. The scenery made me think to have my home built there, or have a shed and even just a table where I could write, ponder and plan things.hehe… I so miss this area that I want to go back the soonest time possible.
Taking time to relax and be photographed :-)
I just love the serene water and fresh air
The walkway is a concreted path to the old Mt. Vulcan, an avenue for the stations of the cross, and a perfect place to view the ocean and the lush trees. I managed to reach the 14th station, disregarding the many steps to hurdle. I have with me my umbrella and while heading to the top, I met again Aaron and his officemate.
A welcome mark at the Walkway

One of the Stations of the Cross
WOW!!! Another breathtaking scenery in Camiguin. I just breathed deeply, meditating and enjoying the wonderful creation of God.
Simply breathtaking!!!
Our next stop was at the Sto. NiƱo Cold Spring. After eating some snacks, I took a plunge in the swimming pool, and hey, it’s really really cold :D 
Facility Charges at Sto. Nino Cold Spring
A refreshing view at the cold spring
The pool is large enough to accommodate a number of swimmers.
I love the hugeness of the pool
Taking a rest after swimming :D

To be continued...




  2. will go here again sa weekend :) Can't wait to see/explore naked island and Mantigue :)
    Nice to meet you Prof!