Sunday, September 15, 2013

This is the continuation of my day tour in Camiguin Island. Check the first part here.

From Sto. Nino Cold Spring, we proceeded to Soda Swimming Pool. Kuya Jojo told me that the water tastes like soda, hence the name of the pool. Having heard it, I planned to taste the water. Great that they have a drinking station for everyone to make use of. Entrance fee is Php 20.00. 
Welcome to Soda Swimming Pool

This is where I tasted the water. Indeed, it has a different taste from the fresh water... 
I took a plunge in the swimming pool and couldn’t help myself but pay attention to the boys scout undergoing a first-aid training and swimming lesson. Because the pool was a bit crowded, I did not stay long there. 
Boys scout enjoying their training
I changed clothes for our next visit - the old church. 
The side view of the old church 
The ruined church was caused by the eruption of Mt. Volcan way back May 13, 1871. The remnants would tell us how strong the foundation of the building then. When I went up the stairs, the cold breeze, the serenity of the place and the lush trees made me pause for a moment, acknowledging the holiness of the place. The surroundings made me render reverence to the ruined church and to the people who were affected by the volcanic eruption. 
The chapel within the old church
Inside the old church is a chapel for the visitors to light up candles and pray. I took my turn and prayed for a moment. 
The old convent
Then I went at the back of the old church where the convent is located. With my curiosity, I asked Kuya Jojo to help me in climbing the ruined walls of that convent. I stayed there for a moment, getting entwined with the solemnity of the place. 
Taking a pose on top of the wall at the old convent 

Still in awe with the old church 
We then proceeded to the Sunken Cemetery, another ruin caused the eruption of Mt. Vulcan. The locals there were excited enough to take photos and here are the results. 
The symbolic cross at the sunken cemetery 
You can also go closer at the big cross by riding a boat for a fee worth Php 100. 
Holding the tip of the cross
Our next stop was one of my favorites – the Ardent Hibok-Hibok Spring Resort. 
This pool is perfect for swimming.
The swimming pools contain fresh and hot sulphuric flowing water. Temperature in every pool varies from thirty three degrees centigrade to thrity-eight degrees centigrade to answer to individual needs and desire. This made me love to stay more than an hour just soaking, soaking and soaking :D I loved to stay there just to relax and yes meditate. 
This has the highest temperature among the pools... So hot in here... :D
Other than the varying temperatures, visitors also have the option of diving, swimming or just soak depending upon the depth of the water. Knowing the several positive therapeutic effects on skin diseases, asthma (steam from pools provide bronchodilation effect), neuralgia (nerve pain) and rheumatism (joint pains on the shoulder, neck and wrist) made me love the pool even more. It was simply soothing and relieving. Wow!!! From that point, bringing my family and friends there is one of my goals.
Enjoying the moderate temperature of the water
Since the skin pores tend to open when exposed to warm or hot water and close to cold water exposure, one is advised to have a cold shower after a dip at the swimming pool. 
Just wanted to soak...soak...soak... :D
We’re down to our last stop – the Katibawasan Falls. 
The welcoming view of the falls 
Succeeding the main entrance, one could hear the gushing water, quite refreshing to listen to. The moment I took a glance at the waterfalls is the same moment that I fell in love with Camiguin.hehe. Camiguin is simply amazing. Kuya Jojo was clever enough to arrange the itinerary so well that even the last stop was equally enthralling, captivating and breathtaking. 
The beautiful Katibawasan Falls
The stair going down the falls is quite steep but mind you, it is worth the effort. The falls is 250 ft. tall that I found it hard to capture its entirety using the point and shoot camera. I savored the moment being there and with no hesitation, I took a plunge in its mini-lagoon. The water was colder than that of Sto. Nino cold spring, causing me not to stay longer in the water :D I braved myself going closer to its drop but was warned that its a bit dangerous, so I heeded their advice :D 
Getting closer at the drop of the falls

A grateful pose... :-)
What can I say… The day tour was truly amazing anyone could really appreciate and be thankful for. A big WOW was all I could utter and an endless thank you to Kuya Jojo for the great experience. Thank you for taking photos, for bringing me to enchanting places and for the safe travel. Oh Camiguin, when can I see you again… I so miss you…



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